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Street Dance

Why Is Dance So Important?

Lil Top Rockers - Dance Classes

Dance is much more than just learning a routine and from a young age, it is an important activity for children to be immersed in. Not only are there many benefits of dance for children but this is part of a lifestyle and culture that anyone can get involved in.

Lil Beatz offer street dance classes for children aged between 2-6 years old. Our classes are the perfect opportunity for young children to stay active and enjoy dance!
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Self Expression

Dance is perhaps the best method of self-expression. Whilst every dance style has its own unique take, street dance allows every child to be self-expressive and completely improvise in many situations. There are many different types of street dance, such as breakdancing, allowing all children to find a dance style they love and create their own moves and routines.

Dance is also another form of art, which appeals to many different people, whether you are watching dance or getting involved in it yourself. Street dance can be one of the more positive dance styles, with an explosive and energetic style to make it very enjoyable for all children getting involved. Although not everyone will love dance, it is important to give children this opportunity of self-expression, allowing them to use their own imagination.

Community & Culture

Dance comes from many different cultures, depending on the dance style that you want to join in with. Not only does this give children a good education into different cultures and where dances originated from, it will bring you into a community who share the same passion for dance and wanting to learn different dance routines.

Being part of a community from a young age can inspire a lot of confidence into children, helping them making friends and learning other people’s backgrounds, with the shared interest and hobby of loving dance. With age groups from 2-6, our dance classes can help children make friends before nursery and school, improving their confidence with interaction from other kids.

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In a world where everyone seems glued to their phones and TV screens, dance provides a nice break and a different source of entertainment. Whether you are a parent who loves watching their child dance or the child learning routines and showcasing your dancing skills, it provides entertainment for all and variation from scrolling on Facebook or watching YouTube videos.

Every child should have a hobby and dance is one of the best to be involved in. Entertainment doesn’t just come from dance either. Being involved with other children will help all kids make friends so they are always having fun and enjoying their street dance classes.

Exercise & Staying Active

Problems with obesity and diabetes can start from a young age, demonstrating why it is so important for children to exercise and stay active. Although there are several different ways of doing this, dance is effective to help all children stay fit.

This will set you up for later life and give you the best opportunity to maintain fitness and avoid problems with your heart, obesity, diabetes and other issues that could occur. Street dance is a very active dance style and will only improve fitness. By regularly dancing, you can ease any worries and keep your body in great condition from a young age.

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For more information on why dance is so important, join the street dance classes at Lil Beatz. We have classes throughout North and South BlackpoolSouthport and Wythenshawe. You are always welcome to join our classes if you are aged between 2-6, regardless of your current skills. Fill in our contact form today or visit our Facebook page to make an enquiry.

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Can Street Dance Help With Mental Health?

Street Dance Mental Health

Whilst dance can obviously help with a range of fitness issues, could it also affect your mental health? In a report by the BBC, Chad Taylor discusses how mental health cannot just be helped through street dance but also portrayed throughout a dance.

Lil Beatz offer street dance classes for all young children ages 2-6 years old. Our classes should always help children make friendships and get creative!
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How Can Street Dance Help?

Lil Beatz believes street dance can help young children break many barriers and build relationships. Chad Taylor, who has suffered from mental health, used dance to portray his emotions during difficult times.

This just demonstrates that through the creativity of street dance, people of all ages can express themselves and the dance that they love. Whether you choose this to express mental health or use it to voice your enjoyment and love for dance, it can help with all issues.

Improving Confidence

Many children are confident with all tasks that take them on in early life. However, some children can lack confidence and may not find a hobby they love to take part in. Street dance can be a great option for all children to build their self-belief and join the Lil Beatz community. We welcome all new dancers regardless of talent and experience and help you develop your skills!

We already have many children at our Lil Beatz dance classes. This gives your child the opportunity to build friendships with children of the same age and similar interests. As our classes age from 2-6, this could help children before they begin toddlers and playgroups or before starting primary school. Having friends when going into primary school is fantastic for all young children and our classes should remove any barriers.

As dance can also help with issues such as obesity, it is great to keep young children in shape. Putting on weight from a young age could lead to problems down the line and street dance counteracts this.

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Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Unlike other dance styles, street dance really allows you to express yourself and get creative with dance routines. This can massively help you reduce stress and anxiety through the enjoyment of dance. By working with others within our routines, this can reduce the anxiety of young children who struggle to make friends.

In dance classes, you are continuously working with children our age. We also have many fun activities to make sure children are enjoying every aspect of dance. Physical movement is also a massive stress reliever and is associated with being more social and connected with others. This makes it the perfect opportunity for all young children to get involved and meet new friends.

Begin Street Dance Classes

If you think street dance is a good option for your child, Lil Beatz have fantastic classes available. Based in Blackpool North, South and Southport, as well as beginning a new venture in Wythenshawe, we are looking to help young children throughout the UK become more involved in street dance.

To begin our dance classes, get in touch with Lil Beatz today to start an initial 3-week trial. We can always organise your first dance class and parents are always welcome to stay if kids are slightly nervous. Lil Beatz will always strive to give children a great experience and enjoyable dance class. Visit our Facebook page to get in touch or fill in our contact form today.

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Is Street Dance In Your Future?

Kids sitting on grass

Whilst street dance may only seem like a hobby right now, it can actually be a great career path. Nobody knows what they want to do when they are young but street dance can always help with creativity, as well as getting young children involved in a range of dance styles.

Lil Beatz help all young dancers begin their street dance careers. We develop your skills during fun dance classes so it can always be part of your future.
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Beginning Street Dance Classes

If your child is always dancing around the house, signing them up for dance classes is the best way for them to express their enthusiasm and improve their dancing talent. Whilst there are many dance styles, street dance can be a much more fun option for many young dancers. Plus, street dancing is much cooler than any other dancing styles!

Street dancing has been performed in the best music videos and by the best artists for years now. Giving your child the opportunity to learn street dancing could set them on a fantastic career path or at least give them the chance for this with some basic dancing skills under their belt.

Range of Street Dance Types

Unlike many dance styles, there are several types of street dance. These dance styles can be used in individual dances or all combined into one routine. At Lil Beatz, we give every dancer the chance to show off your own dance moves to create the best routine. Just some types of street dance include:

  • Animation
  • Breakdancing
  • Hip Hop
  • House
  • Krumping
  • Locking
  • Popping
  • Tap Dance
  • Techno

With so many street dances, you can always find your strengths and learn many different dance skills. Our classes are available for ages 2-6 years, so no matter what your dancing is like, we will help you improve! We want every young dancer to learn their strengths and enjoy all street dance classes.

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Can You Be A Street Dancer?

Developing your skills from a young age is the best way to help you become a street dancer. If your son or daughter already has a passion for street dancing, it is essential you sign them up for classes. The only way to improve your dancing is through regular practice and working with our dance teachers at Lil Beatz, your children can learn so much about dance in a short space of time.

Age has never been an issue with dance, with many young dancers going on to be successful. It is never too early to begin your dancing career and with our dance classes, you have the perfect platform to excel in dancing. Even if you decide street dancing isn’t the right style for you, it gives you fantastic dancing skills for the future.

Learning With Lil Beatz

Lil Beatz aim to be the first choice for all dance classes throughout Blackpool and Southport and expand throughout the UK to help all Lil ones who just love to dance! If you would like to begin your dance classes, book today! You can also get in touch through any of our Facebook pages for Blackpool North, Blackpool South and Southport.

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5 Reasons to Start Street Dance When You’re Young

Young Street Dance

Not many children or toddlers know what they want to do in life! Street dance is a fantastic opportunity for all toddlers and young children and starting young is the best way to develop your skills. Our street dance classes help all ages improve their street dancing and could help you in the future.

Lil Beatz offer classes from ages 2-6. No matter what talent you currently have, we can help you improve through fun street dance classes.
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Not only will your children be socialising in our classes, they are learning with children their own age who also have an interest in dance. Finding friends who have similar interests and enjoy the same hobbies as you are fantastic for all children.

Street dance classes are a great opportunity to meet young children who also love dance. Whilst your first few sessions may be nerve-wracking, we always want to help you grow your confidence. All our current Lil dancers are growing every week and you can follow in their footsteps.

Staying Fit

Not all children want to play football or go swimming. Finding alternative options to keep your children healthy and make sure they get their exercise is important. Street dance and other dance styles are the best ways to do this and it can even help with coordination for young children and toddlers.

Whilst fitness may not be your top priority as a parent, it is something you should keep in mind. Many people can suffer from obesity and this can start from a young age. In order to keep your child healthy and give them the best opportunity in life, dancing can be massively beneficial.

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Dancing In The Future?

Whilst your Lil ones are currently just dancing for fun, there are many ways that dancing could be beneficial. Even if you don’t see this as a potential future route for your children, there is no harm in getting them involved.

For many teenagers and adults, dancing and street dancing has become a fantastic art form. It is also something that has brought great success to many individuals and groups. Getting young children involved in street dance from a young age will give them the best platform for dancing in the future. If this is something they aspire to achieve, getting your children involved should be a priority.

Improved Confidence & Self Esteem

In addition to socialising with new friends, this can also help to build the confidence and self-esteem of young children. Especially if your child is struggling to make friends or find activities they enjoy, street dance offers the perfect solution.

Lil Beatz understand just how difficult this can be for some children, no matter what age you are. We always offer the support you need in every lesson to get you involved and make sure you’re never too shy to learn routines and begin dancing.

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Being Creative

All young children need to be creative and street dance is a great way to utilise that skill. Street dance is one of the best dance styles to help every individual be creative. Using improvisation and different routines for every member of our group, your creativity will be boosted.

We want to help every dancer bring out their creative side whilst fitting into our street dance routines. With dancers from 2-6 years, it is never too late to begin your dancing journey.

Book Street Dance Lessons!

If you would like to book street dance lessons or find out more information about our classes in Southport and Blackpool, contact Lil Beatz today. Visit our Facebook pages for Blackpool or Southport or book your class now!

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Miss Vicci’s Lil Tips For Starting Street Dance

Miss Vicci Lil Beatz Street Dance

The time has come when you and your Lil one are coming along to your first ever Lil Beatz dance class! There will be a lot of excitement for both you and your Lil one, as some might not know what to expect. I have taught dance for nearly 15 years and danced since I was 2 (yikes… time flies). I have a lot of experience in dealing with children and parents.

So, I have devised some Lil tips to help you along your way for your first street dance class at Lil Beatz.
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Before Your Street Dance Class

Talk about your dance class beforehand to your Lil one to get them buzzing and excited for their first dance class. Find out your teachers name and let your child know who they will be meeting on the day. No doubt your kids will love dancing at home so here at Lil Beatz we have our very own animations online for your Lil ones to dance and sing along to. Be prepared for “Runna Rabbit” to get stuck in your head!

No one wants to dance when you’ve had a little snooze so making sure your child is up and raring to go will help them concentrate more and have fun in class. If your child is coming to a play area and you’re struggling to get them into class after they have had a play, try getting them to do their dance class first and then reward them with their play time after.

A lot of children have so much fun playing before their dance class that the last thing they want to do is leave the play area. So get them there kitted up in the correct dancewear, giving your self time for that quick toilet run before the class starts. Being late can make the child’s first lesson a little daunting as they would have walked into what will feel like a crazy house with music and dance moves throwing everywhere. Getting into your class early gives them chance to meet their teacher and familiarise with the studio and other children attending their class.

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Expect & Encourage

Expect the unexpected! That’s one thing I have learnt a lot when working with children. Your child might be full of energy at home but at their first Lil Beatz class, they might become shy and clingy. This is normal for them to feel a little anxious as it’s all new with their surroundings and new faces. So your welcome to stay by their side to help encourage them and reassure them that they will be fine.

In our ages 2-3 Lil Boppers class, the adults play a big part as you have got to get them dancing shoes on too! When your child sees your having fun and busting some moves… that energy will rub off! We welcome you old school hip-hoppers to join us!

If we do get tears it’s a good idea to let them sit and watch the class or take them out for a little breather then come back in to join the fun.

Those who attend the older classes age 4+ we want you the adults to go and grab that well-deserved coffee break. So, if you have to come in to support your child that’s great… some children can just strut right in and others may need a little more time. Simply staying with them while they settle for the first 5 minutes then try and make your great escape! If your child catches you just say your just nipping to the toilet / for a coffee and you will see them at the end of class.

This gives them time to focus on their teachers. As time goes on, their confidence will grow and they will be strutting their stuff through that door, waving you goodbye with a smile on their face!

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Making Lil Beatz class a structured routine is crucial for Lil ones as they like familiarity. It calms them down and reassures them. So don’t be put off if in the first few classes they don’t join in or you have tears. It’s all part of the learning curve. The main priority is that you stick to it. I have seen countless times where children have grown in confidence because of them continuing to come along. This is why at Lil Beatz we offer the 3 weeks trial as it’s so important to us as teachers and for you and your child to experience the start of being part of our Lil Beatz Crew.

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Thank You!

Being a teacher is the most rewarding job… it really is! Lil Beatz to me is an exciting and different insight into the new generation of toddler dance classes. We are growing day by day and don’t get me wrong, we have a long way to go but having the support from you, the parents and carers, makes it all worthwhile. We only want to deliver the best quality in our sessions because you all deserve it! Lil Beatz classes are designed to get children fit and healthy whilst having fun to the coolest music & specialised syllabus designed by professionals who all have a love and passion for street dance and hip hop.

Who said toddler dance classes couldn’t be cool! We ditch the cheesy music and mix it up with urban vibes that are guaranteed to get you busting your moves! We won’t get your child spinning on their head (even though that would be pretty cool) but we will help them with basic street and breakdancing skills and learning rhythms. Plus, the socialising side of things it’s great to see parents and children making new friends.

It’s so important we teach them not only about dance but about good manners and how we would like them to behave in and out of class. Pleases & thank yous don’t go amiss and nor does a good ole high five! It’s all about the praise and letting your child know they did such a good job. I am always so proud when I give my stickers out at the end and watch how our Lil superstars do their swagger walks and cool poses on their own. So Thank you for reading my Lil Blog and thank you for continuing to support us at Lil Beatz.

We have some exciting times coming in 2019 and can’t wait for you to join us!

Love, Miss Vicci xx

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Street Dance Goals At Lil Beatz

Lil Beatz Street Dance Goals

Lil Beatz aim to bring many young children into the street dance community. Both our founders have a passion for helping young children stay fit and develop their dance skills and Lil Beatz offers the perfect platform for every youngster.

Our founders, Vicci Small and Adam Blakey, recently outlined the goals for Lil Beatz. As our street dance classes continue, we want to make sure every young dancer is excelling.
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Dealing With Obesity

Adult obesity is a real problem in the Blackpool area and this can all start from a young age. Recently speaking to the Blackpool Gazette, Adam said: “Blackpool has some problems with obesity, diabetes and lack of exercise and so Lil Beatz is a good way to get young children active with something they are interested in.

Having previously experienced problems with obesity from a young age, Adam has a big desire to see obesity levels lower. The figures outline this issue in Blackpool, especially among females. Over 24.4% of males and 26.8% of females are obese or morbidly obese as an adult. For children currently in reception, 27% were either obese or overweight in 2017/18.

This demonstrates the influence that being overweight from a young age can cause, with similar stats with children and adults. Taking part in street dance classes and having regular exercise can significantly reduce these problems. By preventing obesity, you also reduce the chances of having chronic conditions and developing poor metal health and heart problems.

Starting this process from a young age is so important. If you have an interest in street dance, Lil Beatz is the perfect opportunity to stay fit.

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Developing Street Dance

Whilst we want to help children stay fit, Lil Beatz want to develop all street dance skills. Whether you have a passion for dance or want to start a hobby, Lil Beatz are looking to drive more and more young children into street dance.

Vicci Small has danced since she was just three years old. Since then, she has travelled all over the world and despite being classically trained for 18 years, she has now ventured into hip-hop and street dance. Having performed street dance in London for several years and always wanting to inspire youth to join street dance, the idea of Lil Beatz was created.

Vicci is now taking on and developing a number of young dancers between the ages of 2-6. Along with Danielle Clark, Natalie Rice and Rachael Spencer, Lil Beatz are developing a number of young dancers. With classes for young children, Lil Beatz can improve fitness and dance skills from a young age. Furthermore, we are involving more and more children in a fun and creative dance style.

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Launching The Lil Beatz Brand

Whilst Lil Beatz wants to help children in the local areas to stay fit and develop dance style, we want to go even further. Lil Beatz aims to help children throughout the UK to become more involved in street dance. With our own Lil Beatz clothing, we really want to push our brand to get everyone involved.

We also want people to take part with Busta Beatz and our Runna Rabbit dance! Lil Beatz have already got children in Blackpool to take part in the street dance sensation and as we spread from Blackpool to the UK, everyone should be enjoying our street dance animation and street dance classes.

If you would like more information or to book street dance classes, contact Lil Beatz. You can visit any of our Facebook pages for Blackpool North, Blackpool South and Southport. We will always provide a fast response to get your child involved in street dance classes immediately!

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Top Tips To Improve Your Street Dance Skills

Street Dance Tips

Whether you are at dance lessons or practising at home, there are many ways to improve your street dance skills. Our blog gives you some of the best ideas if you are looking to improve your dancing talent!

Lil Beatz want to help all young children develop their street dance skills. With our dance classes, you can always develop a range of dancing styles.
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Watching Dance Videos

If you want to be an amazing street dancer, sometimes you have to learn from the best! Watching dance videos can not only help you develop street dance skills but also teach you new moves and styles. Whether you are constantly watching new acts on TV shows or you have a personal favourite dance act, try to watch them as much as possible!

By watching some of the best street dance performers on the planet, you will always be improving your skills. Our dance classes will teach you a range of routines and moves, but you can always take it one step further!

Actively Dance

No matter where you are, you should always be dancing. In the house, at the park or walking down the street – make sure you keep dancing! By keeping your body active and regularly practising dance moves and routines, you will improve your street dance skills quickly.

Practise will always help you perfect your dance skills and by actively dancing, you have the best opportunity to perfect all routines. If you can’t quite master some dance skills, then continuing this out of our classes will make sure you’re ready for future lessons.

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Stretching & Eating Healthily

Street dance is the perfect dance style for all young children. However, being flexible and having good stamina can ensure your dance skills are awesome! Stretching and eating healthily will give you the best chance of this, allowing you to expand your street dance skills.

We understand no one wants to give up their delicious pre-dance snacks. Whilst we aren’t suggesting to ditch the sugar completely, eating a healthier diet can keep you fit. Making sure you are in good shape will then lead to fantastic dance skills.

Practise Cool Moves

Creating your own unique dance moves is the perfect way to develop your overall street dance skills. Whether this is some cool locking and popping or your freestyle breakdancing, practising individual dance moves is a great way to develop your overall movement.

You can choose to invent your own moves or practise trickier skills, this is great for all young dancers. Not only does it develop dance skills but this can make you stand out among all dancers!

If you would like to get involved in street dance from the ages of 2-6, Lil Beatz offer the perfect platform. No matter what previous experience you have, our classes can develop street dance skills and offer a range of other benefits. Visit our Facebook pages to get in touch or view the classes we have available.

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Is Street Dance The Most Popular Style?

With a huge selection of dance styles, is street dance the most popular choice for young children? It has many benefits for young children and stands out among other, less exciting dance styles.

Lil Beatz, of course, think that street dance is the best and only option for young children! With this style being a fantastic hobby to get involved in, we look at why it is so popular.
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Street Dance Growth

From George Sampson to Diversity winning Britain’s Got Talent and with films such as “Step Up” and “StreetDance”, street dance has grown in the public eye. Influencing children all over the world, it has grown in popularity over the last decade. Being an energetic and expressive dance style, it is very different to other dance styles that young children take part in.

With choreography being very mixed and improvised, it creates a fantastic effect that isn’t achieved with other dancers. This gives all young children the chance to be creative themselves, whilst taking part in an exciting and enjoyable dance style.

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Popular Dance Styles

There are a number of popular dance styles and whilst they are great hobbies for children, they do not offer the same creativity and intense exercise that street dance does. Some of the most popular dance styles include:

  • Ballet
  • Contemporary
  • Jazz
  • Street
  • Tap

Street dance can help all young children stay fit and strengthen their muscles and bones from a young age. Whilst this may not seem like a big issue, it is important for young children to regularly exercise. This gives you a fantastic opportunity  and allows children to be involved more than other dance styles. With there being a range of dance types, all ages can find their strengths. An example of the dance types that could be involved include:

  • Animation
  • Breakdancing
  • Floating
  • Jerking
  • Krumping
  • Locking & Popping

With many children still choosing to learn dances such as tap and ballet, we simply cannot understand it! Street offers a variety of movements and helps all children develop a selection of dance skills. There is always a dance style that you can learn and enjoy, with street dance providing the perfect platform from a young age.

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Developing Street Dance Skills

Street dance is constantly evolving with new styles being improvised and created every day. Lil Beatz have dance classes ageing from 2-6 years and always encourage children to take part in every aspect of dance routines, whilst finding your street dance strengths.

Street dancing has shown everyone throughout the UK just how creative it can be compared to other forms of dance. It is energetic, entertaining, popular and most importantly, the best option for all children looking to get involved in dance. With so many niche styles involved, this should always be the most popular dance style.

Lil Beatz give everyone the opportunity to express and show off their dance skills using this dance style!

Should You Choose Street Dance?

Street dance is full of energy and if your children want an enjoyable and healthy dance style, it is the obvious choice. Speak to Lil Beatz today if you would like to begin your dance classes in our Blackpool North, Blackpool South or Southport studios. You can contact us with any questions or fill in our form to book a class today!

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