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Why not sign your child up to a 3 week trial from only £10. If they love it as much as we know they will then they can come every week.

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Lil Tinie Boppers

(Ages 1-2)

Lil Boppers

(Ages 2-3)

Lil Hip Hoppers

(Ages 3-4)

Lil Top Rockers

(Ages 4-6)

Why join Lil Beatz?

Whether you want your child to be healthy or you just want them to learn to dance. Lil Beatz is a great platform for both.

Healthy Body & Mind

Our classes are created to encourage young children to become active from an early age. It has been proven that being active will keep both your mind and body healthy.

Great Music & Costumes

All our music has been produced by professional music producers just for Lil Beatz. It’s actually so good you will be listening to it at home and in your car.

Creative & Fun People

For all our teachers this isn’t just a job it is a passion. We love what we do and that is why we bring fun and excited to every class we do so the kids want to keep coming back.

What It’s All About

We make toddler dance classes cool and current, starting from as little as 2 years old.