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Dancing is not only a great hobby and fantastic fun for all ages but can also prevent diabetes and obesity. There are several ways that dance from a young age can help with this, with Lil Beatz offering the perfect solution.

Lil Beatz can provide street dance classes for the ages of 2-6, giving all young children a fantastic opportunity to stay healthy whilst having fun! Diabetes and obesity is a serious problem, with dance offering the perfect answer.
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About Diabetes and Obesity

Obese children are four times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. This shows that keeping fit from a young age is extremely important, even if it only seems like a small issue. Whilst you can be diagnosed with diabetes at any age, being obese as a child could mean this occurs before you are 25.

Diabetes is a serious and lifelong condition where your blood glucose levels are too high. You should always try to find a hobby for your children for exercise and enjoyment to keep them fit. By doing this, diabetes is much less likely to occur. There are several causes in addition to obesity, such as a poor diet and taking in too much sugar. This then means your sugar and glucose levels have to be controlled if you are diagnosed.

Street and hip hop dance styles are two of the best options to lose weight and prevent diabetes being caused by obesity. Whether this is just used to prevent diabetes and obesity or you would like to develop your dance skills, it is a fun option for all young children.

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Is Dance The Solution?

Whilst there are many types of exercise, street dance can be the ultimate solution to obesity at a young age. Dance is one of the most personalised and expressive forms of exercise, allowing you to stay fit whilst being part of a fantastic community at Lil Beatz.

Even if you are not suffering from obesity, street dance will help children of all ages stay fit and prevent obesity. With our classes ranging from ages 2-6, there is an opportunity for all children to get involved in a fantastic and healthy hobby. With many different exercises, such as running and other sports, why is dance the solution? Dance targets a range of areas, including:

  • Arms
  • Back
  • Core
  • Glutes
  • Legs

From a young age, this strengthens every area of your body to avoid diabetes and obesity. As street dance requires flexibility and offers an upbeat tempo, this is better for your heart. Dance can also be very high intensity depending on the style, allowing you to burn calories and keep fit!

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Why Children Need Dance

Regardless of age, dance and exercise is vital for a child’s development. It may not be your largest concern for your children, but using street dance for health must be considered. Dance can not only decrease body fat, preventing diabetes and obesity but also:

  • Develops Muscle Strength
  • Improves Heart Condition
  • Improves Lung Capacity
  • Keeps Bones Strong

Lil Beatz are happy to take on young children for any of our age groups, no matter how good your dancing skills are. Our street dance classes will keep all children healthy, developing dance skills and including all children in our fun routines. We aim to make all classes enjoyable and give your little ones a fantastic street dance experience.

In order to keep healthy, having 30-60 minutes of exercise can be significant. Our classes last 30 minutes and give children the perfect stepping stone to prevent obesity.

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If you would like to book street dance classes, we continue on Tuesday 9th October in our Blackpool North studio (Ages 4-6). Fill in our contact form today or visit our SouthportBlackpool North and Blackpool South Facebook pages with any questions.

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