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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a trial?

Each area is different, depending on location. Typically, our trial is £10-£15 for 3 classes. These classes have to be taken consecutively as your child will then get used to the teacher, class format and other children. They will then get the full experience of Lil Beatz and gives your child time to settle in.

Is the trial consecutive?

Yes our 3 week trial is consecutive and any unattended classes will still count in your 3 weeks, regardless of the reason.

What happens after the trial?

After your trial, if you are happy you can then sign up as a member of the lil beatz crew and attend weekly lessons. If not, no hard feelings and we hope you enjoyed the experience.

How much is a membership?

We have 2 membership types which are:

Basic – A Lil Beatz t-shirt, a range of offers and discounts & term certificates.

Premium – A Lil Beatz t-shirt, sunglasses & drawstring bag, a range of offers and discounts & term certificates.

How much are classes?

Each area charge a different rate per class depending on the area. The payment structure will also alter per area with some charing up front termly and some paying per class.

Why do some areas bill termly?

As you can appreciate it is difficult running multiple classes across multiple areas with hundreds of children. Trust us when we say that it can become complicated with payments. To make it very easy and streamlined, some areas invoice up-front for a term so that this makes the process a lot easier for both sides. The area then also knows how many children are in each class for the term so they can ensure they have the correct amount of children per class for safety reasons.

How can i pay?

Each area is different but the majority of areas will accept both cash and card to make it convenient for you. Our term invoices will be sent prior to the term starting and can be paid online via credit, debit card or PayPal. Alternatively you can pay at class via cash/card.

Can i stop coming at anytime?

Yes sure, we don’t tie you into contracts so you are free to leave at anytime. Please be aware thought if you leave mid-term or mid-trial you will not be refunded any payments made as per our terms and conditions.

Do we do an annual show?

Yes we have a summer show each year for is completely optional. We don’t want to force shows on children and parents as we want to focus on having fun and we know some parents prefer not to be involved. For parents/children that want to be involved, we promise it will be a performance to remember!!