Inclusive Dance Classes

For Ages 2+

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Inclusive & Diverse

Dance Classes

We are so thrilled to bring our inclusive Lil Beatz syllabus to you! There is truly nothing like Lil Beatz out there!

Our program runs from ages 2+ years up and is completely inclusive.

From our hip hop nursery rhymes to our latino inspired songs, Lil Beatz takes you on a journey around the world.

We absolutely love Lil Beatz and i'm so happy to have a dance class that is so fun and unique, which my daughter can take part of.

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Active & Healthy

Amazing Songs

We take students on an adventure around the world to help explore their imaginations. The Lil Beatz program will help students get healthy & active, while having heaps of fun!

With over 12 years of experience of teaching, we have created our 30min – 45min classes to suit all needs.

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What It’s All About

It’s so important we celebrate all the different dance cultures around the world!


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