Lil Boppers

For Ages 2-3

Our starter class for your little ones to get them used to busting a groove.

About Lil Boppers

Lil Boppers ages 2-3

Get ready to bust some dance moves! Our Lil Boppers will jump straight in to their class learning the basics of rhythm & movement. Building their confidence to strut around with their funky walks .. they will use their imaginations to go on wild adventures picking up some new dance moves and even Baby freezes along the way!

Our Nursery Rhymes are one of a kind! Remixed by our professional Music producers .. so get ready to sing along and eve Rap ! Parents are to come long and join us on this journey as we know once that music is booming we are all going to get Boppin!

Lil Boppers

(Ages 2-3)

Lil Hip Hoppers

(Ages 3-4)

Lil Top Rockers

(Ages 4-6)



Why not sign your child up to a 3 week trial from only £10. If they love it as much as we know they will then they can come every week.