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Our Lil Journey 2020

It started off with a BANG!! Lil Beatz first debut went down a storm … we created the buzz we wanted, filled everyone with excitement and I really couldn’t of been prouder of what we had achieved so far!

Then it hit … something no one was ready for… it felt like something out of a film and we were all the stars of our own movie. My first panic was that of the virus as I guess everyone’s was. I remember me and my partner taking the kids to park and sensing a strange atmosphere .. from the people around us to the feeling in the air! The day just felt like our last little bit of freedom … and it was the next day we were in lockdown!

Going Live

Knowing that we were going to be taking our classes online was both exciting and daunting! We moved the kitchen around and created the perfect Lil studio for me to host my classes. My partner Adam set up the tripod and phone ..and that was it we were ready to rock! I remember when the red light came on showing we were live .. my whole body tensed up! Its funny looking back and watching my first video . I was soooo not Miss Vicci , I was trying too hard to be professional and keep calm ( It didn’t help my mum calling wishing me luck but also adding don’t speak too fast Vic ) which I do naturally .. that and jump topics quite quickly! Anyway the first live video went well .. I had great feedback and we started to reach people who had never been to a Lil Beatz class before all around the UK. We were making a Lil difference and putting smiles on peoples faces and keeping them active.

As time went on the real Miss Vicci came out onto the screen …the fun, crazy and clumsy ! I had settled into my temporary role of teaching online. I started by hosting classes 2 times a day .. 6 days a week as well as my normal classes which I did online too. I wanted to give as much as I could. The energy you have to give online is something so different to what you deliver in an actual class. It was so draining mentally & physically. As a dance teacher we get our energy from seeing the kids .. but to be taking a class and just seeing yourself talking back was just not the same. I made the decision to not do as many classes live as I found it was too much for me. I didn’t realise that the lockdown was starting to effect me so I chose to listen to my heart and do what’s right for me at the time.

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The great outdoors

One thing I take out of this pandemic is a new love for the great outdoors. We were all blessed with great weather .. everything just seemed much more beautiful. I loved going for walks ( which if anyone knows me .. that’s not like me! ) we got our bikes out and old school skates (70s disco blaring) it was great. . It was also nice to spend more time with our families and having that time to slow down on the rat race of life that we can all get caught up in. It was back to basics and at first it felt good!

We had lockdown birthdays, Games days , picnics, themed meals , cinema nights it was endless how creative we went to make our lockdown as fun as we could. Don’t get me wrong though there was plenty of nights when you have no idea what to do or you just want to catch up on the latest boxset and just do absolutely nothing. I learnt to not feel guilty for doing nothing .. this lockdown was letting us have that time to react the way our bodies wanted too. I stopped watching the news as much as I felt that it was not something good to fixate on every morning. Instead I had morning chats with one of my best mates . We even did exercise together online . We helped each other through the ups and downs and I am forever grateful to have friends like that surrounding me.


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The future is bright

As soon as Lock down was lifted it was such an amazing feeling to be back into class! The first class I did I remember just putting on music and me and the kids just danced our socks off .. we were all just so excited to be back together! Classes were booming … we had waiting lists new franchises opening, new projects to focus on … the Lil Beatz ball was once again rolling!

Then Boom! Lockdown 2 ! Now I don’t know about you but this lockdown has been the worse.. I felt it a Lil harder to keep optimistic. I did however change the way our online classes worked and I understood the pressure parents were now going through once again. The plan was to just get through it.. get our team through it, to stay positive and most importantly not to put too much pressure on ourselves.

I went back to doing my classes online like so many other teachers … but the vibe for some reason was better.. because the kids had been there before they knew what to expect and I loved to click onto my zoom class and see all our Lil ones in uniform ready to dance. They really did give me energy this time and it was a buzz to see them learning and practicing their moves. I was blown away when we did our dancing in PJs with our families online. I saw grandparents , siblings the whole family taking part! We had over 50 families joining in and it was such a wonderful thing to experience and I will never forget!

So Christmas is over

And we start the new chapter of a new year! I don’t know how many times I have said “What a year?” But we have done it… we have been tested and we have come out the other side and in my eyes stronger! I know a hell of a lot of damage has been done ..I for one have felt it and so has our other franchises & teachers ..all we can do is ride this wave and not put too much pressure on ourselves. We have to count our blessings and going through this crazy time its made me appreciate all the Lil things. So stay strong people..and hang in there!… Keep dancing and keep smiling! I will see you all in the new year and whatever 2021 has for us .. we will all face it head on together.

Love Miss Vicci x x x

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