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Why not sign your child up to a 3 week trial from only £10. If they love it as much as we know they will then they can come every week.

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Joining the Lil Beatz family could not be easier

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With prices starting as low as £4.50 per lesson, you can give your child the exercise, mental stimulation and most importantly the fun your child needs to develop their social skills as infants.

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To ensure your child is comfortable, we offer a 3 week trial from only £10 to ensure they enjoy the classes before they join.

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If your child likes the trial, they can then become a Lil Beatz member for just £10* for basic or £20 for premium membership and you will receive the following:

  • A Lil Beatz t-shirt* & Classic Sunglasses
  • A range of offers and discounts
  • Term certificates

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Once you have become a member you can enjoy weekly classes. Each area operates different term dates and prices so please book your class by finding your local school.

“Since joining Lil Beatz, my daughter is a lot more outgoing with other children and is really loving it. I love the fact that she is doing something she loves but is also keeping active in the process.”

Lil Beatz, Blackpool



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