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Starting a Brand New Children's Dance Class

Here is some great advice from Miss Vicci, our creative director about starting a brand new dance class for children.

When it comes to your Lil ones taking part in a new class ..be it dance, football, swimming, etc we want the best for our kids and most importantly we want them to enjoy what they do!

What was the right path for me?

I was one of those kids who tried it all from dance, horse riding, Jujitsu, girls brigade, piano, even chess club haha! I know I had both my parents running me around here there and everywhere trying new classes. I actually don’t remember how I decided to stop going to them… I can only assume I no longer had an interest. However, dance was the only one that stuck with me alongside horse riding which is will always be close to my heart!


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Education Through Movement

Children really do respond better to routine

If you can find a class which offers trial’s this is great as it gives your child a chance to get used to the routine and structure of the classes, meeting their new teacher & new friends.

Being Shy

Your child might be bouncing around like a rockstar at home jamming to songs without a care in the world. Then when it comes to attending their first class they can become super shy and get upset. For a lot of teachers (especially when working with toddlers), this is completely normal and also very understandable! It’s such a big deal to try something new and it can be overwhelming to some Lil ones. I’ve seen this so many times throughout my many years of teaching. However, it’s something I always explain to the adults who bring them.

Bear with them

We all have our own Lil ways of adjusting to new things. Some of us dive in straight away, some sit back and observe whilst others may get a little bit upset and scared. Your Teacher will have their own magical Lil way to help them feel welcome and take things at your Lil one’s pace.

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