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Best Dance Studios

How To Choose The Right Dance School

Dance Studio

It is important to have a dance studio you can trust when encouraging your children to begin dance. If you are not comfortable with dance teachers or other children at the class, it makes it very difficult for your child to enjoy street dance.

Lil Beatz offer different classes for children aged 2-6. We want to make sure all parents are comfortable with our dance studio, encouraging your children as much as possible.
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Trusting Staff

Possibly the most important factor in choosing the right dance studio is the staff working there. Whether you are attending our classes in Blackpool, Southport or Wythenshawe, you can be assured of personal and caring dance instructors. At Lil Beatz, our dance teachers are all DBS checked, first aid qualified and fully insured. This includes:

  • Miss Zoe
  • Miss Shana
  • Miss Vicci
  • & many more

Now with five different dance teachers across our 4 franchise dance studios, you can be assured of dependable teachers for all street dance classes. Our dance teachers will also work with all children individually and in a group to improve their skills.

We are happy for parents to stay with us during any sessions, placing confidence in both you and your child. Once your child has a bit more confidence and you have reassurance, you are welcome to drop them off and pick them up after class.

Choosing Dance Styles

Another major aspect of your dance studio is considering the dance style your children would like to learn. Street dance is a creative and unique style that not enough young children get involved in. Whilst you could choose more traditional dances such as tap and ballet, street dance is one of the most enjoyable options for kids.

At our dance classes, we also offer many different interactive activities in addition to dance routines. This gives children a great opportunity to make friends whilst staying fit and getting into the groove of street dance. Street dance allows children to freestyle and take the initiative, unlike other dances. With many different street dance move, fantastic routines can be created with the right dance teachers.

If you are unsure about what dance class could be best for your child, street dance should be your first option. With Lil Beatz offering a 3-week trial, this gives you the opportunity to experience street dance and make sure you choose the right dance studio for your child.

Find A Class

Dance Class Sizes

To help your child develop dance skills as much as possible, finding a dance studio with the right balance in their dance class size is essential. Too small and it can be difficult to interact and create a great dance routine. Too large and developing dance skills becomes very difficult without the right support.

Thankfully, Lil Beatz have four different dance studios is Blackpool North, Blackpool South, Southport and Wythenshawe. In addition to this, we have multiple classes every week to adjust for all age groups. We have dance classes for ages 2-3, 3-4 and 4-6. This allows us to help children with all different dance abilities and experience improve their dancing skills.

How Does The School Help?

Local dance studios are obviously more convenient and this can be very helpful for most parents. As Lil Beatz now has 4 different dance studios across the North West, we are making ourselves available for all children.

If your child is interested in street dance classes, Lil Beatz can always meet your needs. Not only does our dance studio make it easy for parents but our street dance classes can help improve fitness, creativity and friendships from a young age.

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For more information regarding Lil Beatz and our dance classes, contact us today. We can organise your initial 3-week trial and welcome all children into the Lil Beatz family. Make an enquiry and visit our Facebook pages or fill in our contact form today.

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