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Dance Birthday parties

Children’s Birthday Parties At Lil Beatz

Children's Birthday Parties

Finding the best venue and activities for children’s birthday parties is difficult. You always want your child to be excited and enjoy their birthday and Lil Beatz offer the perfect solution!

If your child loves dancing, having children’s birthday parties at Lil Beatz is the only option. We make sure all kids have a fantastic time and love every aspect of our parties. We can always come to your venue or location to provide all our parties.
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Why Choose Lil Beatz?

Lil Beatz want to promote street dance for young kids, whilst also making sure all young children have a fantastic time and stay active! Lil Beatz have several party hosts at every event to create a party full of dancing, games and activities.

We make sure there is something for everyone at every birthday party, making sure all children get involved. Our parties, of course, include street dancing so if your child has a passion for dance, this is the perfect party. Whilst we know not all children will want to get up and dance, we try to make all our activities fun and interactive so children of all ages can boost their confidence and join in with everyone.

Invitations & Party Bags

We understand the faff of setting up children’s birthday parties! That’s why we always offer a helping hand by organising tailored Lil Beatz invitations for boys and girls, as well as making your Lil Beatz party bags for all children.

We try to make this as personal as possible, whilst also making sure you have no stress planning the party. With your own Lil Beatz host and helpers also available, this party is great fun for all children.

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Prices & Activities

Our parties last for a duration of 1 hour with activities including:

  • General Party Games
  • Singalong Songs
  • Street Dancing
  • Other Fun Activities

We offer children’s birthday parties like no other and can always discuss what you would like for our events. Our party packages start from £100 and will include all these features but we can put even more in our parties if you need us to.

Our parties are recommended for ages 3+ and require a £40 deposit to secure your party. With every party package, you will also receive a £10 voucher for Lil Beatz merchandise!

Book Your Party

Children’s birthday parties at Lil Beatz can be the perfect opportunity to get your child involved in an active hobby and begin dancing! If you would like to book one of our birthday parties or want more information, contact Lil Beatz today. You can get in touch by visiting any of our Facebook pages for Blackpool North, Blackpool South and Southport.

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