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Dance Class

Big Benefits Of Little Dance Classes

Have Fun, Stay Healthy

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Big Benefits Of Little Dance Classes

Dance Classes

Dancing offers so many benefits no matter what age you are! It is never too early to start dancing and it could help you find the perfect hobby for years to come.

Lil Beatz offer street dance classes ageing from 2 to over 4s. If you want to begin dance classes, we offer the perfect opportunity.

Learning New Skills

Whilst your child’s academic skills are being developed, it is important to have extra curriculum activities to improve other skills. Different sports are a great way to do this and dance also offers a good opportunity to learn new skills. Dance is a lot more than just learning a few moves. Children will improve the physical health, memorise dance routines and learn to be creative. Creativity is one of the biggest assets any young mind can have and dance classes will develop their creativity as they look to make routines using the street dance styles taught in our classes.

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This is a great educational benefit for all ages.

Improve Creativity

This is a great educational benefit for all ages. Whilst your child may have several academic subjects, dance is one of the best ways to improve creativity.

Finding A Hobby

All kids should have a hobby they enjoy, even if their skills aren’t perfect! Dancing will teach kids many new styles, whilst making all classes enjoyable and fun. Even if your dance moves are a little rusty, we can always improve your skills and will welcome you to the Lil Beatz community. With our dance classes designed specifically for young dancers, starting from the age of two, with our older class for all ages over 4, this is a new hobby you will always enjoy. Our classes are tailored to young dancers, helping them find a real passion for a hobby they want to improve in and enjoy.

Developing Movement

No matter what age you are, dance will always have benefits to improve your body from a young age. Whilst this may not be the sole reason for beginning dance, it is certainly a big benefit that you will gain. Even at a young age, dance will improve muscular tone, increase weight loss and improve your flexibility and movement. Whether you choose to continue with dance in the future, it is always a great option to participate in to maintain good health at a young age.

Book Dance Classes

Join the Lil Beatz community today and book your first dance classes with our team. We are happy to take on dancers from as young as two, with three different classes for each age group. Whether you have danced elsewhere previously or you are a first-timer, we are happy to welcome you! Fill in our contact form to book your class.

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