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Lil Beatz Street Dance Style

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Lil Beatz Street Dance Style

Street Dancing

Street dance is not just one style but contains many different dance styles within the street dance genre. It is perfect for young boys and girls who want to improve their dancing and rhythm, whilst learning many dance techniques.

Lil Beatz can teach a range of street dance styles and working with all age groups, we can help create fantastic routines for you to enjoy and be creative with!


Possibly the most popular street dance style is breakdancing. Dance has been used for many years and has brought great success to young people including Britain’s Got Talent winners George Sampson and Diversity. Breakdancing will often include close to the ground improvisations. Whether you decide to spin on your head, make acrobatic moves or other spins on your body, breakdancing is usually complete improvisation.

Locking & Popping

Breakdancing is one of the more difficult street dance styles and whilst locking and popping isn’t easy, it is a lot simpler. Locking and popping are two distinct styles. Locking involves freezing and resuming quickly, whereas popping is more jerky and explosive, using both their upper and lower body. Both styles are often used together to create fantastic visual effects and one great dance style. All age groups will be taught how to lock and pop effectively to help you find your best street dance style!

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Animation is almost like a glitch. Waves, zigzags and sudden freezes create a great animation freestyle dance. Animation should visually look like as if you are being electronically controlled and that the body has no bones! Animation could contain a range of common dance moves which can be incorporated into a performance.


Krumping is fast and aggressive and often includes a range of other street dance styles including, locking, popping and freestyle. Similar to animation, it will include a lot of body jerking, however, krumping is usually a battle. This will involve two or more dancers going back and forth for a staged battle, involving improvisation and several dance styles.

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If you want to learn street dance styles, contact Lil Beatz today. We are happy to organise your first dance class for ages starting as young as two. We can talk you through the dance styles available and begin developing your dance skills. Fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.

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