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Lil Beatz

New Business Award Finalist: Lil Beatz

Sub 36 Awards Finalist 2019

At the 2019 Sub36 Awards, Lil Beatz are proud to announce we were finalists in the “New Business Award” category. This is a fantastic achievement and demonstrates we are continuing in the right direction in our pursuit of recognition for street dancing lessons for kids.

Lil Beatz provide street dance classes for children aged 2-6 years. Spreading throughout the North West, we want our brand to be known nationally and be the first choice for all children’s street dance.
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What Are The Sub36 Awards?

The Sub36 Awards is an award ceremony to honour the most influential and innovative business people aged sub36! This is a fantastic award to recognise the hard work, ambition and skill of many businesses across the North West, as well as helping the younger generation flourish and gain awards for their early business achievements.

The awards on show not only recognise businesses but entrepreneurs and employees as well, giving everyone the chance to have their talent recognised. Some of the awards to be nominated for include:

  • Apprentice Award
  • Creative Award
  • Customer Champion Award
  • Employee of the Year Award
  • Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  • Innovator Award
  • Leader Award
  • New Business Award
  • The Sub36 Award
  • Young Lancastrian of the Year Award
  • Young Professional Award

With this list of prestigious awards available to win, this shows what a fantastic achievement it is to be considered.

New Business Award

The new business award recognises businesses already showing signs of success and growth. Although we aren’t at the top quite yet, we have shown our desire to get there and help all young children stay fit and love street dance along the way. This category is for businesses who have launched in the last 3 years and in 2019, Lil Beatz were named as a finalist.

This is a wonderful achievement and something we take great pride in. Starting off in Blackpool and Southport, we have already expanded our street dance classes to Wythenshawe. We strive to continue growing and, although we missed out on the top honour of winning this award, it will not halt us in our venture to reach the very top.

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About Lil Beatz & Our Street Dance

If you are unfamiliar with Lil Beatz, there is never a better time to get involved with our street dance classes. With street dance for children aged 2-6, we are available in Blackpool South, Blackpool North, Wythenshawe and Southport.

Having already expanded away from Lancashire, we want to help as many young children join in with street dance and find a real passion for this dancing style. Along with growing nationally, it is a great option for children to remain fit and find a new hobby from a young age.

Contact Us

To get involved in our street dance classes at Lil Beatz, get in touch with us today. No matter what experience or skills you have, we are happy to invite every individual into our community. Contact us for classes in North and South BlackpoolSouthport and Wythenshawe or visit our main Facebook page today. Alternatively, you can also fill in our contact form.

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Street Dance Tips For Beginners

Street Dance Tips

When getting into street dance at any age, having street dance tips can always be beneficial. There are many ways you can improve your dancing skills, as well as maintaining good fitness through dance. No matter what experience you have, you can always start street dancing and develop new talent.

Lil Beatz offer dance classes for young children aged 2-6 years. Our franchise is expanding throughout the UK, allowing all children to get involved with street dance. With our street dance tips, you are well on the way to becoming a superstar dancer.
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Learning Street Dance Moves

Street dance is all down to creativity. Whether this is your own creativity or copying the dance moves of other people, you’ve got to learn different moves. With our dance classes, we create a huge number of routines, helping to develop loads of dance moves.

There are now so many dance groups worldwide that can also teach you different dance moves. You can find tutorial videos online which can help develop your current dance skills, as well as showing you how to include this in your own dances. One of the best street dance tips for beginners is to learn from others and mastering different street dance moves is often the best way to do this. Just some of the most common dance styles include:

  • Breakdancing
  • Jerkin’
  • Krumping
  • Locking & Popping
  • Robotic Dance
  • Turfing

Learning different moves can always help you develop street dance skills, whilst improving your creativity to improvise more with your dancing.

Get Involved At Our Classes

With classes separated for each age group, all young children can interact with other kids their age. This can be ideal to help build confidence and gain friendships whilst at our dance classes. However, some children can still be very nervous!

As someone new to our street dance classes, the best street dance tips are always to get involved with the whole group. Parents are welcome to stay and encourage during each session and if you are short on confidence, we have many activities and warmups to get your child interactive with all dancing and activities. To learn new routines and improve street dance as a beginner, it is essential to get involved in our classes.

We help all children improve their dancing from a young age and can develop you for the future. Whether you are looking for a short-term hobby or have a real passion for dance, Lil Beatz offer the perfect option.

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Practice & Perform

Practice always makes perfect! Through the practice and repetition of dance moves, to performing routines within a group, you can always become an amazing dance. With our street dance tips and dance lessons, you can easily develop your skills from a young age and learn how to be an incredible dancer!

At Lil Beatz, we are always creating new routines for each age group, with classes for 2-3, 3-4 and 4-6-year-olds. Whilst it is important to step outside your comfort zone, we make sure all children enjoy street dance classes and have the support needed during every session. We offer the perfect platform for the youngest dancing beginners.

Begin Your Class

If you have a child aged 2-6 years, wanting to get healthy or involved in dance, they are always welcome at Lil Beatz. Whether you would like to discuss street dance tips or book your first class today, we are available to answer any queries. Visit any of our Facebook pages to get in touch or fill in our contact form for a fast response today.

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Join The Lil Beatz Franchise

Lil Beatz Dancer Graffiti Wall

As we look to promote street dance throughout the UK, we want to expand the Lil Beatz franchise. With 5 franchises in Blackpool, Manchester, Southport & Bude, the Lil Beatz franchise is beginning to snowball. This is a great opportunity for any entrepreneurs and dancers looking to join our family.

Lil Beatz provide street dance and hip hop classes for all young children aged 2-8. Our goal is to setup the Lil Beatz franchise across the UK to get all children involved in street dance.
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Why Join Our Family?

Lil Beatz have a real passion to help young children stay active through street dance. Whilst many children get involved in other types of dance, street dance can be one of the most creative and enjoyable dance styles. We want more people to join the franchise who have the same passion and want to help young children stay fit.

Whether you want to set up your own business or you want to teach street dance, Lil Beatz gives you the perfect platform. We want to give every individual the chance to join our family and begin your successful journey in street dance.

Lil Beatz currently has four different franchises and with our two owners, you are guaranteed passion and drive to achieve something more than just a dance class. With this ambition, making a successful franchise is always made easier with the support of our owners.

Our Current Franchises

Currently, Lil Beatz have franchises based in South Blackpool, North Blackpool, Southport and have recently set up a new franchise in Wythenshawe. All of our current franchises have started brilliantly since our official launch in 2018, with more and more youngsters joining our classes every week.

With dance classes for ages 2-3, 3-4 and 4-6, we can make sure all children are involved with their friends and can develop their skills with children their age. Our franchises also available for children’s birthday parties, Lil Beatz is fantastic for all young children. With the addition of other franchises across the UK, we can continue to offer fantastic street dance classes for all young children.

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Becoming A Franchise

With four fantastic franchises already up and running, becoming a franchise should be a no-brainer. There are several perks you will receive when joining Lil Beatz to help create dance routines and build the brand in your local area. This includes:

  • Full Training & Support
  • Innovative Software
  • Marketing Support
  • Unique Music & Syllabus
  • Website & Social Media

With this support, your franchise can get off to the best possible start and always rely on us to help you with its setup. You will seamlessly fit into the Lil Beatz franchise if you share the same passion that we do and want to help young children enjoy dancing and performing, whilst staying fit and active from a young age.

With Lil Beatz, you have a proven dance class programme to help your franchise flourish. With marketing strategies also in place, this can help your franchise grow and bring more children into your dance classes.

If you want to own a business and have a passion for dance and helping young children stay active, investing in a Lil Beatz franchise can be the perfect step for you to take. With a promising future ahead, you can easily make a return on your investment.

Get In Touch Today

If you are interested in setting up your own street dance classes as part of the Lil Beatz franchise, get in touch today. Lil Beatz are happy to discuss your interests, ambitions and goals for the new franchise. Fill in our contact form or visit any of our Facebook pages for an immediate response. You can also speak to our team can call us on 0333 335 5034.

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Can Street Dance Help With Mental Health?

Street Dance Mental Health

Whilst dance can obviously help with a range of fitness issues, could it also affect your mental health? In a report by the BBC, Chad Taylor discusses how mental health cannot just be helped through street dance but also portrayed throughout a dance.

Lil Beatz offer street dance classes for all young children ages 2-6 years old. Our classes should always help children make friendships and get creative!
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How Can Street Dance Help?

Lil Beatz believes street dance can help young children break many barriers and build relationships. Chad Taylor, who has suffered from mental health, used dance to portray his emotions during difficult times.

This just demonstrates that through the creativity of street dance, people of all ages can express themselves and the dance that they love. Whether you choose this to express mental health or use it to voice your enjoyment and love for dance, it can help with all issues.

Improving Confidence

Many children are confident with all tasks that take them on in early life. However, some children can lack confidence and may not find a hobby they love to take part in. Street dance can be a great option for all children to build their self-belief and join the Lil Beatz community. We welcome all new dancers regardless of talent and experience and help you develop your skills!

We already have many children at our Lil Beatz dance classes. This gives your child the opportunity to build friendships with children of the same age and similar interests. As our classes age from 2-6, this could help children before they begin toddlers and playgroups or before starting primary school. Having friends when going into primary school is fantastic for all young children and our classes should remove any barriers.

As dance can also help with issues such as obesity, it is great to keep young children in shape. Putting on weight from a young age could lead to problems down the line and street dance counteracts this.

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Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Unlike other dance styles, street dance really allows you to express yourself and get creative with dance routines. This can massively help you reduce stress and anxiety through the enjoyment of dance. By working with others within our routines, this can reduce the anxiety of young children who struggle to make friends.

In dance classes, you are continuously working with children our age. We also have many fun activities to make sure children are enjoying every aspect of dance. Physical movement is also a massive stress reliever and is associated with being more social and connected with others. This makes it the perfect opportunity for all young children to get involved and meet new friends.

Begin Street Dance Classes

If you think street dance is a good option for your child, Lil Beatz have fantastic classes available. Based in Blackpool North, South and Southport, as well as beginning a new venture in Wythenshawe, we are looking to help young children throughout the UK become more involved in street dance.

To begin our dance classes, get in touch with Lil Beatz today to start an initial 3-week trial. We can always organise your first dance class and parents are always welcome to stay if kids are slightly nervous. Lil Beatz will always strive to give children a great experience and enjoyable dance class. Visit our Facebook page to get in touch or fill in our contact form today.

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Lil Beatz: Expanding Our Franchise

Lil Beatz Wythenshawe Shana Keeler

Lil Beatz are always looking to encourage street dance throughout the UK. Having now added another franchise in Wythenshawe, Lil Beatz are continuing our fantastic growth as we look to get all young children involved in street dance!

With studios in North Blackpool, South Blackpool and Southport, Lil Beatz are excited to begin a new journey in Wythenshawe. Under the guidance of Shana Keeler, this is another stepping stone to encourage fitness and dancing throughout the UK.
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Lil Beatz UK Aims

Whilst we are a long way off becoming a national success, Lil Beatz are on the right path! With three different dance classes already available, we are very proud to announce our new franchisee. This fantastic news means Lil Beatz are expanding again and pushing our business further afield, with all young children in Wythenshawe having the opportunity to join our growing community.

Our new Wythenshawe studio will be managed by Shana Keeler, an experienced and qualified dance instructor. We are thrilled to have Shana join our team and eager to begin our new journey in Wythenshawe. This is a fantastic opportunity for Lil Beatz as we continue growing and promoting street dance in the UK.

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About Shana Keeler

Shana Keeler began dancing from a young age and gained a real passion for dancing and performing. Starting off at a local dance school, Shana has gone on to win championships, titles and a range of competitions. With a real drive for her dancing, Shana then successfully auditioned for Preston Dance College, gaining advanced exams before auditioning again, this time for Phil Winston’s Theatreworks.

Shana began teaching at the age of 25 at a school in Altrincham. Since then, she has never looked back, with her love for teaching growing every day. Currently the principle of her own successful performing arts school, Shana Keeler’s School of Dance & Performing Arts demonstrates the passion and skills she will bring to Lil Beatz.

Shana has been principal at Shana Keeler’s School of Dance for 5 years, continuously growing, achieving awards and choreography nominations. Shana’s passion for teaching has been obvious, being goal driven and nurturing young dance talent for all to see. Having also been nominated for awards and progressing to become an IDTA examiner, Shana has worked hard to keep her own training at the highest level to get the best from all her students!

Shana is the perfect person to drive Lil Beatz forward and encourage street dance in Wythenshawe. Having 3 years of professorial training before graduating and travelling all over on many dance jobs and styles, we are happy to have her on board.

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Street Dance Classes In Wythenshawe

Both Lil Beatz and Shana are excited for the amazing opportunity to have the first Lil Beatz franchise in Wythenshawe. We want to continue our fun and friendly atmosphere to give young children the best platform for street dance.

With Lil Beatz already taking on board a huge number of fantastic young street dancers, we don’t want to stop! With our Wythenshawe street dance classes, we can continue to grow and help even more young children develop their street dance skills.

Book Street Dance Classes Today!

Whilst our Wythenshawe dance classes are not quite ready yet, you can still book street dance classes. If your child has a passion for dance or wants to stay active, our classes offer the perfect opportunity. We are excited for the future at Lil Beatz and are always looking to take on more dancers. Find a class today or visit our Facebook page to make an enquiry.

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Children’s Birthday Parties At Lil Beatz

Children's Birthday Parties

Finding the best venue and activities for children’s birthday parties is difficult. You always want your child to be excited and enjoy their birthday and Lil Beatz offer the perfect solution!

If your child loves dancing, having children’s birthday parties at Lil Beatz is the only option. We make sure all kids have a fantastic time and love every aspect of our parties. We can always come to your venue or location to provide all our parties.
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Why Choose Lil Beatz?

Lil Beatz want to promote street dance for young kids, whilst also making sure all young children have a fantastic time and stay active! Lil Beatz have several party hosts at every event to create a party full of dancing, games and activities.

We make sure there is something for everyone at every birthday party, making sure all children get involved. Our parties, of course, include street dancing so if your child has a passion for dance, this is the perfect party. Whilst we know not all children will want to get up and dance, we try to make all our activities fun and interactive so children of all ages can boost their confidence and join in with everyone.

Invitations & Party Bags

We understand the faff of setting up children’s birthday parties! That’s why we always offer a helping hand by organising tailored Lil Beatz invitations for boys and girls, as well as making your Lil Beatz party bags for all children.

We try to make this as personal as possible, whilst also making sure you have no stress planning the party. With your own Lil Beatz host and helpers also available, this party is great fun for all children.

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Prices & Activities

Our parties last for a duration of 1 hour with activities including:

  • General Party Games
  • Singalong Songs
  • Street Dancing
  • Other Fun Activities

We offer children’s birthday parties like no other and can always discuss what you would like for our events. Our party packages start from £100 and will include all these features but we can put even more in our parties if you need us to.

Our parties are recommended for ages 3+ and require a £40 deposit to secure your party. With every party package, you will also receive a £10 voucher for Lil Beatz merchandise!

Book Your Party

Children’s birthday parties at Lil Beatz can be the perfect opportunity to get your child involved in an active hobby and begin dancing! If you would like to book one of our birthday parties or want more information, contact Lil Beatz today. You can get in touch by visiting any of our Facebook pages for Blackpool North, Blackpool South and Southport.

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Miss Vicci’s Lil Tips For Starting Street Dance

Miss Vicci Lil Beatz Street Dance

The time has come when you and your Lil one are coming along to your first ever Lil Beatz dance class! There will be a lot of excitement for both you and your Lil one, as some might not know what to expect. I have taught dance for nearly 15 years and danced since I was 2 (yikes… time flies). I have a lot of experience in dealing with children and parents.

So, I have devised some Lil tips to help you along your way for your first street dance class at Lil Beatz.
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Before Your Street Dance Class

Talk about your dance class beforehand to your Lil one to get them buzzing and excited for their first dance class. Find out your teachers name and let your child know who they will be meeting on the day. No doubt your kids will love dancing at home so here at Lil Beatz we have our very own animations online for your Lil ones to dance and sing along to. Be prepared for “Runna Rabbit” to get stuck in your head!

No one wants to dance when you’ve had a little snooze so making sure your child is up and raring to go will help them concentrate more and have fun in class. If your child is coming to a play area and you’re struggling to get them into class after they have had a play, try getting them to do their dance class first and then reward them with their play time after.

A lot of children have so much fun playing before their dance class that the last thing they want to do is leave the play area. So get them there kitted up in the correct dancewear, giving your self time for that quick toilet run before the class starts. Being late can make the child’s first lesson a little daunting as they would have walked into what will feel like a crazy house with music and dance moves throwing everywhere. Getting into your class early gives them chance to meet their teacher and familiarise with the studio and other children attending their class.

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Expect & Encourage

Expect the unexpected! That’s one thing I have learnt a lot when working with children. Your child might be full of energy at home but at their first Lil Beatz class, they might become shy and clingy. This is normal for them to feel a little anxious as it’s all new with their surroundings and new faces. So your welcome to stay by their side to help encourage them and reassure them that they will be fine.

In our ages 2-3 Lil Boppers class, the adults play a big part as you have got to get them dancing shoes on too! When your child sees your having fun and busting some moves… that energy will rub off! We welcome you old school hip-hoppers to join us!

If we do get tears it’s a good idea to let them sit and watch the class or take them out for a little breather then come back in to join the fun.

Those who attend the older classes age 4+ we want you the adults to go and grab that well-deserved coffee break. So, if you have to come in to support your child that’s great… some children can just strut right in and others may need a little more time. Simply staying with them while they settle for the first 5 minutes then try and make your great escape! If your child catches you just say your just nipping to the toilet / for a coffee and you will see them at the end of class.

This gives them time to focus on their teachers. As time goes on, their confidence will grow and they will be strutting their stuff through that door, waving you goodbye with a smile on their face!

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Making Lil Beatz class a structured routine is crucial for Lil ones as they like familiarity. It calms them down and reassures them. So don’t be put off if in the first few classes they don’t join in or you have tears. It’s all part of the learning curve. The main priority is that you stick to it. I have seen countless times where children have grown in confidence because of them continuing to come along. This is why at Lil Beatz we offer the 3 weeks trial as it’s so important to us as teachers and for you and your child to experience the start of being part of our Lil Beatz Crew.

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Thank You!

Being a teacher is the most rewarding job… it really is! Lil Beatz to me is an exciting and different insight into the new generation of toddler dance classes. We are growing day by day and don’t get me wrong, we have a long way to go but having the support from you, the parents and carers, makes it all worthwhile. We only want to deliver the best quality in our sessions because you all deserve it! Lil Beatz classes are designed to get children fit and healthy whilst having fun to the coolest music & specialised syllabus designed by professionals who all have a love and passion for street dance and hip hop.

Who said toddler dance classes couldn’t be cool! We ditch the cheesy music and mix it up with urban vibes that are guaranteed to get you busting your moves! We won’t get your child spinning on their head (even though that would be pretty cool) but we will help them with basic street and breakdancing skills and learning rhythms. Plus, the socialising side of things it’s great to see parents and children making new friends.

It’s so important we teach them not only about dance but about good manners and how we would like them to behave in and out of class. Pleases & thank yous don’t go amiss and nor does a good ole high five! It’s all about the praise and letting your child know they did such a good job. I am always so proud when I give my stickers out at the end and watch how our Lil superstars do their swagger walks and cool poses on their own. So Thank you for reading my Lil Blog and thank you for continuing to support us at Lil Beatz.

We have some exciting times coming in 2019 and can’t wait for you to join us!

Love, Miss Vicci xx

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Busta Beatz Is Back In 2019

Busta Beatz

In 2018, Busta Beatz was introduced to the dancing world through Runna Rabbit. Now Busta Beatz is back to once get everyone involved in street dancing. Whether you are a young dancer or an active grandma, Busta Beatz wants to see you dancing!

Lil Beatz want to encourage all young dancers to get involved with street dance and Busta Beatz. We run several street dance classes2-6-year-olds olds to take part in and develop their skills.
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Wheels On The Bus

After showcasing his funky dance moves in Runna Rabbit, Lil Beatz now present, Wheels On The Bus. Of course, a twist on the original wheels on the bus song, Busta Beatz is now joined by several friends as he travels around the world on his bus.

Travelling throughout England, Europe, Africa, Antarctica, Australia and many other locations, everyone in the world can take part in street dance.

Busta Beatz is appearing around the world and wants everyone to get involved with street dance. Regardless of your age, street dance is a fantastic hobby and skill to take up. Being a less conventional style of dance, all children who get involved have a unique skill from a young age with our dance classes.

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Getting Involved In Street Dance

It’s never too early to get involved in street dance. Lil Beatz have classes for ages from 2-6-year-olds and are always looking to welcome new talent into our classes. With new routines and tracks for our Lil dancers, everyone can develop their street dance skills from a young age. With our current classes limited to just the Southport and Blackpool area, we want to continue growing street dance in the UK.

Whilst street dance has enjoyed growth over the last decade, other dance styles are still preferred to street dance. Lil Beatz and Busta Beatz want to change this, encouraging all young children to get involved in street dance. Street dance is not only more fun and creative than other dance styles but it will also keep you fit from a young age, helping to prevent problems such as obesity.

To involve even more young dancers, Lil Beatz have also started classes on Saturdays, with our new term beginning this week. It is the perfect opportunity for you to get your children involved in a dance perfect for fitness and making friends. With dance classes ranging from 2-6, we are happy for everyone to get involved. Many of our young dancers already love Busta Beatz and we want the whole of the UK, of all ages to also get involved!

Join The Street Dance Community!

We want all young children throughout Blackpool and Southport to get involved with our classes. If your child is aged from 2-6, bring them along to any of our dance classes and get started with street dance. We will provide a fast response to any enquiries through our website and Facebook pages!

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Christmas Is Coming For Lil Beatz

Lil Beatz Students

What an incredible 3 months we have had here at Lil Beatz. We really appreciate all the support we have received from parents and family members and could not have asked for a better start.

Our first 3 months have given Lil Beatz the perfect platform to develop street dance skills. In the build-up to Christmas, we want to continue this fantastic start, adding the finishing touches to many of our routines.
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Plans for 2019

Lil Beatz have huge plans for 2019 and want to make it the year of street dance in Blackpool and Southport. Not only will we be launching many more songs, routines, classes and a full clothing line, but we will continue to take on more toddlers looking to get into street dance.

We are sure that you will love everything we have planned, whether this is our new clothes or routines for Lil Beatz dancers. 2019 will give many more children opportunities in street dance as we continue to develop our routines.

Watch Week & Photoshoot

We would love to invite all parents to come and join us on the last day of term for our watch week. You can then see your Lil ones in action as they show off all the street dance skills they have learnt!

Additionally, as a thank you, we are hosting a Christmas photo shoot free of charge after class for anyone that wants a little keepsake, so please make sure you’re kitted up in full uniform, ready to strike a pose!

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Why Not Treat Someone To A Lil Gift

We are offering 20% off all our merchandise throughout December. Let your Lil Beatz teacher know what you want and we can have your order ready to collect to go under the tree! With our full clothing line ready to purchase, there are a number of clothes to choose from.

It’s also not too late to sign up for our three-week trial. You can sign up for three classes for just £10, as well as getting a free item of clothing.

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Street Dance Goals At Lil Beatz

Lil Beatz Street Dance Goals

Lil Beatz aim to bring many young children into the street dance community. Both our founders have a passion for helping young children stay fit and develop their dance skills and Lil Beatz offers the perfect platform for every youngster.

Our founders, Vicci Small and Adam Blakey, recently outlined the goals for Lil Beatz. As our street dance classes continue, we want to make sure every young dancer is excelling.
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Dealing With Obesity

Adult obesity is a real problem in the Blackpool area and this can all start from a young age. Recently speaking to the Blackpool Gazette, Adam said: “Blackpool has some problems with obesity, diabetes and lack of exercise and so Lil Beatz is a good way to get young children active with something they are interested in.

Having previously experienced problems with obesity from a young age, Adam has a big desire to see obesity levels lower. The figures outline this issue in Blackpool, especially among females. Over 24.4% of males and 26.8% of females are obese or morbidly obese as an adult. For children currently in reception, 27% were either obese or overweight in 2017/18.

This demonstrates the influence that being overweight from a young age can cause, with similar stats with children and adults. Taking part in street dance classes and having regular exercise can significantly reduce these problems. By preventing obesity, you also reduce the chances of having chronic conditions and developing poor metal health and heart problems.

Starting this process from a young age is so important. If you have an interest in street dance, Lil Beatz is the perfect opportunity to stay fit.

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Developing Street Dance

Whilst we want to help children stay fit, Lil Beatz want to develop all street dance skills. Whether you have a passion for dance or want to start a hobby, Lil Beatz are looking to drive more and more young children into street dance.

Vicci Small has danced since she was just three years old. Since then, she has travelled all over the world and despite being classically trained for 18 years, she has now ventured into hip-hop and street dance. Having performed street dance in London for several years and always wanting to inspire youth to join street dance, the idea of Lil Beatz was created.

Vicci is now taking on and developing a number of young dancers between the ages of 2-6. Along with Danielle Clark, Natalie Rice and Rachael Spencer, Lil Beatz are developing a number of young dancers. With classes for young children, Lil Beatz can improve fitness and dance skills from a young age. Furthermore, we are involving more and more children in a fun and creative dance style.

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Launching The Lil Beatz Brand

Whilst Lil Beatz wants to help children in the local areas to stay fit and develop dance style, we want to go even further. Lil Beatz aims to help children throughout the UK to become more involved in street dance. With our own Lil Beatz clothing, we really want to push our brand to get everyone involved.

We also want people to take part with Busta Beatz and our Runna Rabbit dance! Lil Beatz have already got children in Blackpool to take part in the street dance sensation and as we spread from Blackpool to the UK, everyone should be enjoying our street dance animation and street dance classes.

If you would like more information or to book street dance classes, contact Lil Beatz. You can visit any of our Facebook pages for Blackpool North, Blackpool South and Southport. We will always provide a fast response to get your child involved in street dance classes immediately!

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