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Miss Vicci’s Dance Tips

Miss Vicci’s Lil Tips For Starting Street Dance

Miss Vicci Lil Beatz Street Dance

The time has come when you and your Lil one are coming along to your first ever Lil Beatz dance class! There will be a lot of excitement for both you and your Lil one, as some might not know what to expect. I have taught dance for nearly 15 years and danced since I was 2 (yikes… time flies). I have a lot of experience in dealing with children and parents.

So, I have devised some Lil tips to help you along your way for your first street dance class at Lil Beatz.
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Before Your Street Dance Class

Talk about your dance class beforehand to your Lil one to get them buzzing and excited for their first dance class. Find out your teachers name and let your child know who they will be meeting on the day. No doubt your kids will love dancing at home so here at Lil Beatz we have our very own animations online for your Lil ones to dance and sing along to. Be prepared for “Runna Rabbit” to get stuck in your head!

No one wants to dance when you’ve had a little snooze so making sure your child is up and raring to go will help them concentrate more and have fun in class. If your child is coming to a play area and you’re struggling to get them into class after they have had a play, try getting them to do their dance class first and then reward them with their play time after.

A lot of children have so much fun playing before their dance class that the last thing they want to do is leave the play area. So get them there kitted up in the correct dancewear, giving your self time for that quick toilet run before the class starts. Being late can make the child’s first lesson a little daunting as they would have walked into what will feel like a crazy house with music and dance moves throwing everywhere. Getting into your class early gives them chance to meet their teacher and familiarise with the studio and other children attending their class.

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Expect & Encourage

Expect the unexpected! That’s one thing I have learnt a lot when working with children. Your child might be full of energy at home but at their first Lil Beatz class, they might become shy and clingy. This is normal for them to feel a little anxious as it’s all new with their surroundings and new faces. So your welcome to stay by their side to help encourage them and reassure them that they will be fine.

In our ages 2-3 Lil Boppers class, the adults play a big part as you have got to get them dancing shoes on too! When your child sees your having fun and busting some moves… that energy will rub off! We welcome you old school hip-hoppers to join us!

If we do get tears it’s a good idea to let them sit and watch the class or take them out for a little breather then come back in to join the fun.

Those who attend the older classes age 4+ we want you the adults to go and grab that well-deserved coffee break. So, if you have to come in to support your child that’s great… some children can just strut right in and others may need a little more time. Simply staying with them while they settle for the first 5 minutes then try and make your great escape! If your child catches you just say your just nipping to the toilet / for a coffee and you will see them at the end of class.

This gives them time to focus on their teachers. As time goes on, their confidence will grow and they will be strutting their stuff through that door, waving you goodbye with a smile on their face!

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Making Lil Beatz class a structured routine is crucial for Lil ones as they like familiarity. It calms them down and reassures them. So don’t be put off if in the first few classes they don’t join in or you have tears. It’s all part of the learning curve. The main priority is that you stick to it. I have seen countless times where children have grown in confidence because of them continuing to come along. This is why at Lil Beatz we offer the 3 weeks trial as it’s so important to us as teachers and for you and your child to experience the start of being part of our Lil Beatz Crew.

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Thank You!

Being a teacher is the most rewarding job… it really is! Lil Beatz to me is an exciting and different insight into the new generation of toddler dance classes. We are growing day by day and don’t get me wrong, we have a long way to go but having the support from you, the parents and carers, makes it all worthwhile. We only want to deliver the best quality in our sessions because you all deserve it! Lil Beatz classes are designed to get children fit and healthy whilst having fun to the coolest music & specialised syllabus designed by professionals who all have a love and passion for street dance and hip hop.

Who said toddler dance classes couldn’t be cool! We ditch the cheesy music and mix it up with urban vibes that are guaranteed to get you busting your moves! We won’t get your child spinning on their head (even though that would be pretty cool) but we will help them with basic street and breakdancing skills and learning rhythms. Plus, the socialising side of things it’s great to see parents and children making new friends.

It’s so important we teach them not only about dance but about good manners and how we would like them to behave in and out of class. Pleases & thank yous don’t go amiss and nor does a good ole high five! It’s all about the praise and letting your child know they did such a good job. I am always so proud when I give my stickers out at the end and watch how our Lil superstars do their swagger walks and cool poses on their own. So Thank you for reading my Lil Blog and thank you for continuing to support us at Lil Beatz.

We have some exciting times coming in 2019 and can’t wait for you to join us!

Love, Miss Vicci xx

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