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Tracks, Routines & Dwaine Hayden

Dwaine Hayden

To create the perfect routine, the perfect track is required. Working with Dwaine Hayden, Lil Beatz have created the perfect choreography for the best possible performance throughout our age groups!

Lil Beatz have been fortunate enough to work with the fantastic Dwaine Hayden, who featured on The Voice 2016. With Dwaine’s help, there are a number of tracks available to develop and improve our dance skills and routines.
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About Dwaine Hayden

Dwaine Hayden had several years of gigging and working within many band situations before getting 4 months of national exposure when working on the UK TV show “The Voice” in 2016. Having previously appeared on Sky 1’s “Must be the music” and “Britain’s Got Talent”, this gave Dwain a fantastic platform to showcase his talents. Before exiting in the knockouts, Dwaine made quite the impression as you can see from his blind audition!

Since 2016, Dwaine has gone from strength to strength. He has completed a range of work and recently released his 2018 single, “Real”. Having also achieved success as a recording artist, Lil Beatz are excited to be using a range of tracks with Dwaine’s talented vocals.

Dwaine has also performed with Trinity at Kensington place for Prince Charles. Additionally, there were also performances with Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Lemar and Amy Winehouse.

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Tracks & Routines

Our first street dance lessons started last week and continue Tuesday 2nd October for our Lil Top Rockers (Ages 4-6). Welcoming dancers of all abilities, we are looking to develop your street dance skills, whilst creating a fantastic performance and choreography for every age group.

With the assistance of Dwaine, this has been made much easier, as we now have the best possible tracks to make a routine that all young children can enjoy and get involved in! Our end goal is to ensure all young children are enjoying the street dance style and the routines we practice and perfect. Now with a fantastic voice on our track, this gives us the finishing touch to a routine that all children can take part in.

It was a pleasure to work with Dwaine as we are always looking to improve our performances and give young toddlers the best opportunity to develop and enjoy street dance.

Why Get Involved?

Street dance classes are not as common and with Lil Beatz working across Blackpool and Southport, our classes are always available. If your children fancy a change and want to participate in street dance classes, Lil Beatz offer the perfect opportunity.

With the help of Dwaine, we now have the tracks and choreography perfect for all young children to enjoy Street Dance. If you would like to book a class at our Blackpool North, Blackpool South or Southport studios or discuss our three-week trial, contact Lil Beatz today. Fill in our contact form today to make an enquiry.

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