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Teaching Culture Through Dance

Dance is a universal language that we can all speak and it is influenced by various cultures. Taking a class can break the barrier that stands between your perceptions of a culture and the culture itself.

Much of a culture’s history and its traditions are displayed through the art of dance. The way people move and the beat of the music is meant to tell the world a story.

At Lil Beatz, we aim to educate children in our classes. This month’s blog focuses on teaching culture through dance. To book a class for your little one, find a class.

The Art of Dance

During these unprecedented times, the world we live in seems strange. We all feel a little disconnected from one another. Dance classes have been conducted from living rooms, masks have covered our faces and physical contact has temporarily ceased.

For now, the idea of travelling and immersing ourselves in a different culture seems highly unreasonable and unlikely. However, we have a unique ability. We can transport ourselves to a different time and place through dance.

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Education Through Movement

In our classes, we explore more than just the style of dance unique to a country. We learn about the language, environment, values and benefits of the culture. Through the universal art form of dancing, we uncover the dynamics and complexity of a culture.

We take away the judgements we make based on what we perceive. 

How Do Our Classes Help?

Dance is a way for children to get to know themselves and feel a connection with the rest of the world. At Lil Beatz, it is that tapestry of diversity we choose to value. We guide our students to seek and explore similarities and differences among themselves.

Research has shown that teaching children about other cultures leads to greater self-esteem. Dancing benefits a child in many areas of development, including physically and cognitively. 

Movement is one of the first means of expression. From infancy, each new movement provides children with more information about their bodies’ capabilities. Dance also provides a unique opportunity to delve into another culture. This increases their personal knowledge whilst helping to boost their confidence.

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