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An Aries with no fire

Turning 30 was hard, not because of the ageing process! But because I was at a crossroad! I was running my own dance school with my best mate, teaching dance for the council, teaching for other dance schools and then I had been offered a job at a nursery! I was running around everywhere! Money was pretty much going down the drain pipe and I was feeling probably at the lowest point!

When the job got offered to me to be a nursery nurse, have all my training paid for me and to then go on to have a secure job you’d think I’d be jumping for joy! ( one thing us dance teachers don’t have is security ) and this was probably the perfect opportunity for me to get what some people call “a real job”

I lost myself completely … what do I do ? Do I take on this job or continue trying to run a business that I feel is draining me? Do I even what to teach ? The questions and the self doubt was endless!

From someone who is normally full of energy, gives energy to others .. an Aries who leads and inspires, runs into life head first without even thinking of the consequences! My fire had completely and utterly gone! It was horrible and a point in my life I would never forget!

Physic Reading

The world seemed like a grey colour wherever I went! However thankfully the optimist inside me finally awoke again …I then decided to book into see a physic. As soon as I walked through the door, her first words was “ Hi ! Wow your draining me already! Where’s your fire?!” I was gobsmacked! I burst into tears! ( It takes a lot for me to cry ) But I knew she was right .. I was everything that I didn’t want to be! After I wiped away my mascara I then went onto have what I can say was an amazing conversation .. we didn’t even start the cards reading straight away .. we just spoke ( I know what your probably thinking … don’t give too much away etc) But I really wasn’t bothered I just wanted .. some kind of release!

Now I probably didn’t need a physic to tell me this but what she did say hit me like a tonne of bricks “The only way to do great work, is to Love what you do!”

Did I love Teaching ? YES I did! Did I really want to go and do 2 years training to become a nursery nurse to work 8am -6pm, Monday to Friday! ( no disrespect to the nursery nurses at all ) It just wasn’t for me … I had lost myself and now I felt like I knew what I wanted to do … it was clear as day and the self doubt had gone … for now!

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Born to teach dance

So why write about this you say ? Because I’ve been there and I hit the crossroads that could have taken on a complete and different path! When I teach I feel like I’m doing what I was put on this earth to do .. I Love seeing my students develop and grow in confidence!

At a time now when the younger generation need it more than ever! ( I’m gonna sound old now! ) But times are changing, as much as technology is changing so fast, socially we can become more distant. It’s actually scary ! I’ve seen it myself .. children are getting anxious, suffering with depression and obesity levels are rising. The world for children is changing and that is why more than ever .. being a teacher is the super power to lead them in right direction!

A quote from my favourite film Sister act “If you wake up in the morning and you can’t think of anything but singing first, then you’re supposed to be a singer girl.” Same with dancing ! If you can’t help but move when that beat kicks in on the radio.. or your mind can’t stop creating to that piece of music you heard… you were born to dance! So when you hit them crossroads in your life and you feel that fire in your belly grow.. follow the fire!!

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