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Dance is amazing for exercise

Toddler, Childrens & Kids Dance Classes in Devon

We, here at Lil Beatz, consider staying happy and healthy as an important thing. The founder created the company based entirely on this ideology, and we follow up that by aiming toward teaching children an exciting and fun way to maintain their happiness and health.  

All our toddler classes at Devon are chock-full with constructive and fun activities. The classes provide support and development to children at the same time.

Your kids will learn a wide variety of dances, including hip-hop, dancehall, and reggae. In addition to this, we welcome you to encourage the students with your participation. It is incredibly refreshing to see parents dance with their children in the most exhilarating, carefree, and contagiously joyful expression of love.

Lil Beatz is an award-winning dance studio that has been in the dance industry for more than 20 years. We have taught several dancers who have performed for some of the best names in the field. With our experienced teachers leading groovy and upbeat classes, you can rest assured that your child will stay active while having a great time.

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Perfect way to keep active

Dancing: A Fun Way towards Staying Healthy

It’s no secret that increased physical activity helps children develop more substantial control over their fine and major motor skills. But when you pair this fact with impatience and a short attention span of toddlers and children, dancing becomes the best option for staying healthy and fit.

Can you think of a better or more fun way to tackle the rising concerns of childhood obesity and other mental health conditions at the same time? If your answer is ‘no,’ that’s because there isn’t one.

While the physical symptoms are usually apparent, mental health risk works silently and violently. The discreteness of mental health concerns makes it something that we should be worried about. More than a quarter of people are a victim of some form of medical health condition.

Dance is the best source of exercise because not only will it help your child learn flexibility and good posture, but it also helps relieve anxiety, stress, and lift the mood.

In other words, dancing also provides a healthy balance between mind, soul, and body. As it builds body strength and power, improves the sharpness of the mind, and creates social bonds.   

In the Lil Beatz classes, we lend our experience to the students for them to develop techniques and better control over their emotions.

Our Classes

We have put together some crazy fun, engaging, and highly active classes for the toddler and children of Devon. Our fully trained and experienced staff members work closely with the students in the classes. These include:

  • Lil boppers (Ages 2-3)
  • Lil Hip Hoppers (Age 4-5)
  • Lil Top Rockers (Ages 6-7)


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We offer a 3 week trial for just £10, giving youngsters a chance to fall in love with something they can learn from. For more about the toddler dance classes we offer in Devon, please get in touch with us. You can also check out our Facebook page for all the latest news and updates on classes.