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A great and fun way to exercise

Toddler, Childrens & Kids Dance Classes in Exmouth

Lil Beatz adds to the zeal in the streets of Exmouth with our international street dancing little angels. We do this by mixing our love and passion for dance with our desire to keep the foundations of our future healthy and active. In other words, our dance classes in Exmouth aim to provide children a fun way to live a healthy lifestyle through dancing.

All our classes are filled so much with fun-filled activities that we can keep your children engaged and occupied for a long time. Experienced and qualified teachers supervise these classes with fresh sounds and exciting moves.

The classes offer dance lessons in a wide variety of dance forms, including dancehall, hip-hop, reggae, and much more. Each style teaches children simple yet mesmerizing moves that further enhance and develop their fine and major motor muscles, along with many other benefits.

Keeping your child healthy, active, occupied, and engaged was never this easy. Lil Beatz makes it so because children enjoy our fun-filled classes because of the positive psychological effects it has on them. For instance, our students demonstrate developing confidence, reduced anxiety, and enhancing social skills. In addition to these, your children can develop lifetime positive habits that can help them later on in life.

Lil Beatz

Dancing & Stay Healthy

Bring Your Child Up for Success

How can a carefree form of dancing help your child become successful from an early age?

Simple, dancing is much more than just moving to the beat of a few rhythms. It offers a spellbinding range of benefits that most don’t expect. Albeit, other activities also offer these perks, but none quite delivers like dancing.

Engrains a Healthy and Active Lifestyle in Them

Research shows that dancing helps with severe health conditions, obesity, and diabetes in children. This is because dance is a sensory-engaging and fun activity that gets children off the screen and on their feet. Different forms of varying dance movements help keep the mind and body active and healthy. Some dance forms keep the body flexible, and maintain the right balance; others provide far more intricate benefits like memory boosting, reducing stress, and even fighting off depression.

Encourages Them to Be Creative

Shows like Britain’s Got Talent, The Greatest Dancer, and Got to Dance, got everyone mesmerised with their dance, movement, diversity, great music and costumes. All of these are creative outlets and are just so much fun to pass on. When Lil Beatz steps in the class in their groovy outfits, it builds confidence, social skills, and self-awareness in them along with creativity.

Teaches Them the Importance of Community, Culture, and Diversity 

Dancing plays an essential part in uniting communities through social bonding, parties, and group gatherings. People from every culture also admire and greatly appreciate the art form of dancing. Therefore, when you have your child enrolled in a dance class, it is for more than just for the sake of entertainment. It is training for them to build essential life skills.

Our Dance Classes

The door to your child’s success is open; all you have to do is pick a class. We here at Lil Beats offer three categories of class for the little angels of Exmouth:

Expert dancers and trained staff members teach and work closely with the students in all of these classes.


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We offer a 3 week trial for just £10, giving youngsters a chance to fall in love with something they can learn from. For more about the toddler dance classes we offer in Exmouth, please get in touch with us. You can also check out our Facebook page for all the latest news and updates on classes.