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Finding a fun way to exercise

Toddler, Childrens & Kids Dance Classes in Blackburn

As a child, learning how to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle can be fun! At Lil Beatz we founded our company based on this principle and we are dedicated to helping youngsters develop themselves. Dancing is a fun way of exercising and our toddler dance classes in Blackburn enable your children and kids to do just that.

It can be easy to think that keeping healthy is hard work. However, with the correct activity, you can achieve anything. Our classes are full of fresh sounds and exciting moves. Every week you will be taking away something new.

We provide training in a range of styles, including Reggae, Hip Hop, and Dancehall. Taking part in a class can help boost confidence, provide a way of having fun, and maintain a healthy way of living.

Lil Beatz

Dancing To Stay Healthy

Having fun while you are young is the most important thing! The team here at Lil Beatz agree with this and we ensure that each class offered is exciting. No matter what age they are, there is always something for them. The toddler dance classes in Blackburn include:

Lil Boppers (Ages 2-3)
Lil Hip Hoppers (Ages 4-5)
Lil Top Rockers (Ages 6-8)

The instructors are all fully trained and are extremely passionate about the dancing they teach. From street dance to reggae, we make sure that your youngsters know all the moves they need. You don’t have to be good at it either! Dancing is for everybody, making it one of the best ways to keep fit.

With rising amounts of young adults developing mental health conditions or becoming obese, we need to find a way of tackling this. Taking part in dance classes that are fun and exciting gives our children another option.

From developing physical ability to learning how to manage emotions, dancing can teach us everything. We also believe in parents joining in, so feel free to get moving along with your kids if you want to!


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We offer a 3 week trial for just £10, giving youngsters a chance to fall in love with something they can learn from. For more about the toddler dance classes we offer in Blackburn, please get in touch with us. You can also check out our Facebook page for all the latest news and updates on classes.