Toddler, Children’s & Kids Dance Classes

At Lil Beatz we believe that maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be boring.

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Toddler, Childrens and Kids Dance Classes in Leicester

Our toddler dance classes in Leicester provide kids with an exciting way of being active while dancing to the latest sounds.

We want youngsters to embrace their creative side and develop the skills they need in life. Toddler dance classes offer a space where children can express themselves and keep healthy at the same time.

Hip Hop, Dancehall and Reggae styles are fun, and our classes are full of fresh sounds and new moves. Our experienced instructors will teach your toddlers the basic techniques and key moves as they interact with other kids and improve their socialisation skills.

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Dancing to Stay Healthy

Street dance is an excellent way for youngsters to increase their physical health in an exciting way. Our toddler dance classes in Leicester and other areas are fun and encourage children to express themselves creatively. The classes we offer include:

  • Lil Boppers (Ages 2-3)
  • Lil Hip Hoppers (Ages 4-5)
  • Lil Top Rockers (Ages 6-8)

Dance not only improves physical health but also helps to maintain positive mental health too. With the combination of exercise and upbeat music, children can express themselves and enjoy the stress-free benefits of street dance.

At Lil Beatz we have a passionate team of instructors who have qualifications from the Liverpool Theatre School and the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. With more than 20 years of personal experience in the industry, they love what they do and enjoy teaching the next generation of dancers.

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Support Child Development

Youngsters can learn a lot from dancing. It is a fun yet practical way of encouraging kids to keep healthy and try something new, regardless of their abilities. The arts support children’s development, from making learning fun to improving their focus through creative activities.

As mental health and obesity rates rise, toddler dance classes provide children with a creative space that encourages teamwork and socialisation. Challenging activities keep their minds active and help to develop skills such as coordination and focus that can be applied to other sports and learning in the classroom.

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For only £10 we offer a 3 week trial for toddler dance classes in Leicester, so your little ones can try out some new moves. Get in touch to book a class with our teachers today.

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