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Dance Classes in Liverpool

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Bringing health and dance together from a young age

Toddler Dance Classes in Liverpool

At Lil Beatz our passion is to combine the world of dance and health. Our toddler dance classes in Liverpool aim to give your children and kids a fun way of learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

All of the classes we offer are jam-packed full of exciting moves and fresh sounds. From Hip Hop to Dancehall, we have all sorts of dance to enjoy.

We believe that being healthy does not have to be hard work. Our children should have a fun and funky way of developing confidence and staying active. The classes offered cover everything. This includes basic dance techniques to social skills.

Lil Beatz

Why Choose Street Dance?

Dance is fun for everybody, regardless of abilities. When you’re young the most important thing is to have fun. This is why at Lil Beatz we are doing what we are. All of our staff have been working within the industry for years. Additionally, they use the discipline of dance to learn all they need to know in life.

From improving physical ability and coordination to learning how to use emotions, street dance can teach you a ton. Furthermore, being involved in the dance world for any child is exciting.

Street dance especially is packed full of fun moves and exciting sounds. Childrens dance classes in Liverpool can also improve skill sets and teach your child a range of important lessons. All of this is done while enjoying themselves!

Our Classes

The classes we offer suit different age groups and are all taught by fully trained and experienced staff members. Some of the places where they have gained training include the Liverpool Theatre School and the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts.

Some of our toddler dance classes in Liverpool include:

Lil Boppers (Ages 2-3)
Lil Hip Hoppers (Ages 4-5)
Lil Top Rockers (Ages 6-8)

What’s it all about?

As a child, developing confidence whilst having fun is important. With our toddler dance classes at Lil Beatz, your kids can be sure to have all the fun they could ever dream of.
Our 3 week trial is priced at only £10. If your kids love it, then they can come back week after week!


3 Week Trial Only £10

You’re Lil one could be busting moves to the freshest new sounds of Lil Beatz.