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Combining Healthy Lifestyles With Fun

Toddler, Childrens & Kids Dance Classes in Preston

Here at Lil Beatz we believe that being healthy doesn’t have to be boring. The toddler dance classes in Preston we have available for children and kids are fun and jam packed with exciting moves. Our experienced team of dancers allow your children to keep fit and develop, all whilst enjoying themselves!

With more than 20 years of personal experience in the industry, our dance experts make classes cool. There are a range of options for all different ages, enabling you to find the right session for your child.

It’s not just for kids either! We’re always keen for adults to join in and you are more than welcome to get jiggy with it too. From Hip Hop to Dancehall and Reggae, we teach different dance styles.

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Dancing For Healthy Lifestyles

When it comes to staying healthy, it is important to develop these skills as young as possible. We are all believers in having fun and learning, which is why we started our classes. We founded the business based on this principle and aim to provide children with a fun way of creating a healthy lifestyle.

You can never be too young to dance! As rates of mental health conditions and obesity are growing amongst young adults, it is crucial that we do what we can to help our children combat this. With dance, children can have a brighter future.

The discipline teaches a range of skills, from coordination to cognitive skills. To add to this, it can help with strengthening emotional development, social connections, and physical ability.

Our team is perfect for giving your children and kids the opportunities they deserve. The toddler dance classes in Preston that we have available include:

Lil Boppers (Ages 2-3)
Lil Hip Hoppers (Ages 3-4)
Lil Top Rockers (Ages 4-6)

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Industry Experience

All of our instructors have years’ worth of experience within the street dance industry, from performing on stage in the west end to appearing with musical acts.
Members of the team hold qualifications from the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts and the Liverpool Theatre School, ensuring that your kids are learning all the skills they need.


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To find out more details about the toddler dance classes that we provide in Preston, get in touch with us today. We offer a 3 week trial at just £10, giving your children a chance to try out dance for themselves.

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