Urban Dance Classes

Starting from as little as 1 years old


Fusing Dance Styles

From all around the world!



Why not sign your child up to a 3 week trial from only £10. If they love it as much as we know they will then they can come every week.

Express Yourself

Toddler Dance Classes

Our classes will genuinely blow you away. From our amazing music to our fresh moves, our dance classes for children are unique, innovative and will make even the parents want to join in.

About Lil Beatz

Who We Are

With over 20+ years experience in the dance industry, Lil Beatz was born from an idea to make toddler and children dance classes up to date. You honestly won’t have seen anything like our classes before and your children will love them. 

Lil Tinie Boppers

(Ages 1-2)

Lil Boppers

(Ages 2-3)

Lil Hip Hoppers

(Ages 3-4)

Lil Top Rockers

(Ages 4-6)

Heres what you’ll get with Lil Beatz Classes

Stay Healthy

Not only will your child have a blast, but will keep them fit and healthy in the process.

Have Fun

Your child will have so much fun taking part in the classes and will learn some cool dance moves.

Make Friends

Social skills are so important and what better way to build them than doing something fun.

Learn Moves

In the process of having fun and staying active your child will lean how to street dance.


What It’s All About

We make toddler dance classes cool and current, starting from as little as 2 years old.



You’re Lil one could be busting moves to the freshest new sounds of Lil Beatz.